Sessions & Pricing

I offer a FREE consultation at your home or Nadder Centre, a discounted Introductory Package and block booking – it’s all designed to get you up and running quickly and then integrate your tailored fitness programme into your lifestyle. Read on for more information and pricing and click the Book Now buttons to make an online booking.

Personal Fitness Training

Free Consultation

If you’re just getting started, why not take advantage of a FREE consultation either at home or at Nadder Centre gym. It’s a great way for us to establish your current level of ability and talk about your fitness goals. The end result is a programme tailored to your exact needs which will help to build confidence quickly.



Get started Now!

Fitness assessment
Duration 30 minutes
Location Home / Sports Centre*

Introductory Package – Special Offer!

This special offer package is designed to get you up and running with your new fitness programme as quickly as possible. The Package includes:

  • initial consultation, assessment of abilities, personal fitness goals
  • introduction to the equipment at Tisbury Sports Centre Gym (machines, free weights, etc)
  • personal tailored fitness programme
  • 3 additional 1 hour fitness sessions

Cost: £108.00
(Additional 1 hour sessions can be booked at just £37 per session)
Click the BOOK NOW! button on the Intro Pack above to get started.

* Once you have passed a health assessment with me, you will be able to use the facilities at Nadder Centre whether I am with you or not. There will be a charge payable to the gym for each session. You’ll find a complete price list here.

I recommend the Introductory Package as an effective way to familiarise yourself with the machines at the gym, helping you to feel comfortable with your surroundings and quickly building your confidence. Wandering around, not sure what you are doing and feeling self conscious is a guaranteed route to giving up before you’ve begun so why not think about signing up for the Introductory package above?

Sports Massage Therapy

All massage therapy sessions take place at not just backs the osteopathic practice in the High St, Tisbury, nr. Salisbury in Wiltshire.

All appointments must be made through me.

If you’d like to find out more, why not give me a call now on: 01747 820537 or email me at: [email protected]